How do I get started?

The Paper Free Office is no longer just for the Fortune 500.  Companies big and small are taking processes paperless and one size does not fit all.

Are you looking to share documents inside your organization with your business partners?  Then Electronic File Sync and Share (EFSS) may be best for you.

Are you looking to bring your contracts or employee files under control?  Then a back office solution for contracts management or employee on-boarding may be best for you.

Are you looking to tie your documents to several business processes across your organization?  Then an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform may be best for you.

Just know that odds are what you’re looking to do with electronic documents has been done before, probably in your own backyard.  You just need a little guidance to get you started. That’s what the Information Professionals with AIIM, ARMA, and Information Coalition are here to do.

Find a Local Chapter in your backyard that’s made up of peers that have already implemented paperless processes in their organizations.

Access resources published by the various Associations focused on electronic document management, records management, and information governance.

Attend an Event to learn more about how to manage your documents electronically.

Follow this site for guidance in plain English that will help guide you along in your journey to A Paper Free Office.