Five Myths of A Paper Free Office

Myth 1 – A Paper Free Office is Expensive

False – There are many different options for going paperless.  Which option is right for your organization depends on your situation.  There are solutions available today at every cost point, including free.

Myth 2 – A Paper Free Office is a Lot of Work

False – It really depends on the business process.  Documents can be stored electronically directly from the application that creates it.  This often eliminates the need for paper altogether, as the electronic copy can be sent to others by email.

Myth 3 – A Paper Free Office cannot handle my business processes.

False – Somewhere in the world every process that has been done on paper in the past, is being done electronically today.  Paper processes of every size have been converted to electronic.

Myth 4 – A Paper Free Office is Difficult to Understand

True at first – At first, understanding document management can be a difficult task.  It has its own vocabulary.  We often say “content” instead of “document”.  It has a lot of acronyms.  We call this space ECM, or Enterprise Content Management.  The goal of A Paper Free Office is to share the resources to help you learn about ECM quickly.

Myth 5 – A Paper Free Office is Possible

Well… – A 100% Paper Free Office is unique.  Some things that you do in your business may still require paper, but this is becoming rare.  Most solutions today have the ability to work with both paper and electronic documents.