Five Myths of A Paper Free Office

Myth 1 – A Paper Free Office is Expensive

False – There are many different options for going paperless.  Which option is right for your organization depends on your situation.  There are solutions available today at every cost point, including free.

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Getting Rid of Paper is Simple Arithmetic

I’m going to be honest, selling “scan and store” is boring.  When I get asked the value of simply scanning all the documents in a file room and storing them in a repository with a simple index, I become Rainman.  “That will be $10,000 and you’ll have a 1-year return on investment.”  Usually no one believes me and then I become John Forbes Nash Jr and quickly draw up the calculations on a white board.  So I thought it would be interesting to share my calculations. Continue reading

How to Find Paper Processes?  Let’s Take a Walk.

One of my favorite ways to find paper processes that are out of control is to take a walk around the office.  Usually at some point in my workshops, I ask for a guided tour of the offices.  I look for in-baskets, file cabinets, and closed doors that lead to file rooms.  All of these are great signs and easy ones to find, when you’re looking.  Just like you might have passed a store on your way to work a hundred times, you don’t realize it’s there until you’re looking for it. Continue reading

Paper Still Rules Content in the Back Office

CIO Magazine pointed out that paper still rules the enterprise.  It added some validity to what I had been seeing in the last few years.  Having started with Documentum, we showcased solving “BIG” problems.  Reducing time to market for new drugs and managing complex aircraft manuals.  Back then, I rarely talked with the back office: corporate accounting, human resources, or legal.  (I like to call them “The Big Three”.)  Back then I thought that they were already using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology.   I’ve come to realize that ECM vendors have often been missing the back office.  So the back office has started going it alone.

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